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Marriage Made Better; The Promise of Couple Counselling

Starting out it might have felt that Romeo and Juliet had nothing on your life but as you progressed that narrative might have changed. It happens to most people. Feelings do have a shorter shelf life although that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road where marriage is concerned. The option to love or leave is solely left to the couple to take their pick. The mistake most couples make is assuming that just because their feelings are over, the relationship is doomed and that they would be better off apart. If you are a believer of fighting for your love counselling is one way of doing that and you never know what surprises may be awaiting you.

What couple counselling seeks to do is to bring back the one-ness of a couple. It is started off by allowing them to reminisce of a time when love came easily. This elates the couple since they get to remember days where their love mattered. A chance is then given for them to illustrate how the situation got so dire. It allows for a plan as to how the whole counselling will be approached and in a customized way at that . There is the part of identifying the endgame of what they would like their marriage to be and with that information on the table, the therapist has all the tools they need to facilitate the healing process.

The next stop is enhancing conflict resolution measures. Problems are magnified where lack of equally problematic ways are used to go about them. Pointing fingers has never once been a solution and are better off replaced with more effective solutions. Counselling makes that difference and helps couples find their way to resolving or accepting issues as they are depending on their magnitude. Tolerance, forgiveness and trust are built this way. It also brings about the aspect of vulnerability allowing for trust , intimacy, respect , a togetherness of sorts to be possible in instances where it might have been eroded like in cases of affairs or others.

In some cases staying in a relationship will do a couple more harm than good. The amount of pain and hurt in them might make it much harder to reconcile them. This necessitates the need for them to actually part ways. Still even in this circumstances counselling is of utmost importance. Helping them set aside their differences and let go of any ill will that they may have towards each other is the main purpose of counselling in this case. This helps in amicable parting and gives them a new lease in life as each starts on a clean slate.

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